Foxy Recycling Program

Foxy Recycling ProgramAs a local manufacturer, we all care about fashion’s impact on the environment. We keep production close to home to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we offer an innovative recycling program.

If you send us your well-loved Foxy pieces we can recycle them for you. The metal will be melted down and turned into new usable product. We’ll also give you a coupon code for 20% off your next Foxy purchase. Foxy’s recycling program is a great way to refresh your personal collection of Foxy Originals while reducing waste and helping the environment.


Here’s how we do it
Once we receive your retired Foxy jewelry, we will separate the materials (beads/enamel etc) from the item. We will then melt down the metal from the piece and reuse it to make a brand new Foxy jewel!

How to recycle your retired Foxy Jewels

  • Download this simple ‘Foxy’s Recycle Program’ form.
  • Mail your retired Foxy item(s) and completed ‘Foxy’s Recycle Program’ form to:

    Foxy Originals Attn:
    Foxy Recycles
    70 Production Drive
    Toronto, ON M1H 2X8
  • Once we receive your form and jewels, you will be emailed a coupon with a unique code. Each coupon can be used for up to one year from its date of issue.
  • For each package (may contain multiple jewels), one coupon code will be issued. Each coupon will offer 20% off your next Foxy online order.
  • Your coupon can be redeemed for any regular price item. Sale and clearance items are not available for purchase with the 20% recycling discount.

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