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How to Travel With Your Jewelry

This past month, we had the opportunity to appear on Cityline. We were so excited to share our hacks for travelling with jewelry with host Tracy Moore and all the Cityline viewers. Want to find out how we can travel in style without losing pieces or, worse, tangling them? Read on!

Easy Ring and Earring Storage

Store rings and earrings in pill boxes. The compartments are perfectly sized for these small pieces of jewelry. Afraid of losing a single earring? Try putting the earrings through the holes in a button.

No-Tangle Necklaces 

Avoid getting tangles in your necklaces by threading them through a straw - bonus points if they're pretty! This will make sure they don't get any knots in them.

Chaos-Free Cling Wrap

You don't need to worry about bringing your most gorgeous pieces of jewelry with this next travel hack - cling wrap! All your intricate pieces can be pressed in between layers of this grocery store staple which will result in hassle-free storage.

Bonus Hack

To top it off, quite literally, you can pack all your nicely organized pieces in a hat in your suitcase. This does double duty by not only having one place (and one place only) for your jewelry, it also acts as a makeshift hat form and prevents your hat from getting squished!


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