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Style Profile: Jen Knox

The last instalment of our style profile series features Jen Knox, the head of PR & Marketing at Etsy Canada. We had the chance to stop by the Etsy office and chat with her about her chic Canadian classic style!

Name: Jen Knox

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Current title/Company: PR + Marketing, Etsy Canada

Educational Background: BA in Political Science and Cultural Studies, McGill University

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It would have to be: ‘Live for Yourself.’ Sometimes it’s hard to go against the grain, but trust your gut and go down the path that’s going to make you the happiest.

What Foxy pieces are you wearing?

I’m wearing the Lux ear jackets in silver; the coastal necklace and the sweet pineapple bracelet in silver.

Etsy Canada office with Jen Knox

How do you define your overall style; who is your style inspiration?

My overall style can be defined as Canadian Classic (I love to support local, Made in Canada artists and designers) and my style inspiration is any person who is out there owning his/her outfit and feeling great. I also admire the style and personal grace of Michele Obama and Kate Middleton.

Coffee or Tea?

I love both. Tea is wonderful and calming and a nice act of self-love; but my morning coffee is a morning ritual that actually makes me so happy every. single. day. So if I had to just pick one, it would for sure be coffee.

If you were a piece of Foxy jewelry, what would you be and why?

Ha! I’ve been a fan of Foxy since its very first collection (and even before that) so it would need to be a throwback piece. I had a black leather choker with a silver daisy bolero tie that I bought ages ago – so long ago that chokers are now officially back in style.

take fun seriously sign with jen knox at etsy canada office

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?

I'm assuming there’s no time machine involved?! I’d love to sit down with Gloria Steinem and chat with her about the 60s and the rise of feminism and what the energy was like. We are so lucky to be a woman in this day and age with so many options in how we choose to live our lives, but we can’t take for granted the work and sacrifice so many women did on our behalf. I’d probably take her to a cute back patio in my Leslieville neighbourhood and share a Canadian cheese platter and a nice bottle of white wine.

What fashion trend from the past do you want to see come back into style?

Hard to say, so many trends from my youth are already back in style – but the real Seattle Sound grunge look was my go-to staple in high school (thank you Army Surplus stores). However, I think I’m just being nostalgic, I don’t think I’d actually ever wear black cords, thermal top and a plaid shirt around my waist, though it sure was comfy as hell.

Also, I really loved those black bicycle shorts with the fluorescent panel accents on the side of each leg.


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